25th Anniversary Album: Choral Union
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  • Conductor: Richard Nance Track Listing Disc 1: "The Company of Heaven" (Benjamin Britten) 1. I. Chaos 2. Speaker 3. II. The morning stars 4. Speaker 5. IIIa. Jacob 6. Speaker 7. IIIb. Elisha 8. Speaker 9. IIIc. Hail Mary! 10. Speaker 11. IV. Christ, the fair glory 12. Speaker 13. V. War in heaven 14. VI. Heaven is here 15. Speaker 16. VII. A thousand thousand gleaming fires 17. Speaker 18. VIII. Funeral march for a boy 19. Speaker 20. IX. Whoso dwelleth under the defence of the most High 21. Speaker 22. X. Lento maestoso 23. XI. Ye watchers and ye holy ones Disc 2 1. Gloria (from "Missa Brevis") (Zoltan Kodaly) Sugismaastikud (Autumn Landscapes) (Veljo Tormis) 2. I. On hilissuvi (It is Late Summer) 3. II. Ule taeve joksevad pilved (Clouds are Racing) 4. III. Kahvatu valgus (Pale Light) 5. IV. Valusalt punased lehed (Painfully Red are the Leaves) 6. V. Tuul konnumaa kohal (Wind Over the Barrens) 7. VI. Kulm Sugisoo (Cold Autumn Night) 8. VII. Kanarbik (Heather) 9. Sure On This Shining Night (Morten Lauridsend) The Making of the Drum (Bob Chilcott) 10. I. The Skin 11. II. The Barrel of the Drum 12. III. The Two Curved Sticks of the Drummer 13. IV. Gourds and Rattles 14. V. The Gong-Gong 15. Verleih' uns Frieden (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy)
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